Album Reviews

“A shimmering, nocturnal masterpiece”

Wyndham Wallace (Music Week)

“Beautiful, incredibly tranquil…”

Robin Murray (Clash Magazine)

“As The Fifty Eleven Project reaches the salvific end of Bjørke’s story so beautiful has been the experience that your own burdens evaporate”

Paul Clarke (DJ Mag)

“ rises head and shoulders above its contemporaries... the emotions and musical colours here are complex and unusual. For all its seriousness and darkness, this is entirely pleasurable”

Joe Muggs (Mixmag)

“Sombre but never melancholy, ambient in tone but possessed with a gentle power, the likes of “Paramount” and “Neurons” sketch lines between the modern chamber music of Ólafur Arnalds and the collapsed-star ambience of early Tangerine Dream”

Louis Pattison (Uncut)

“Meditations on mortality that will undo fans of Frahm/Richter et al”

Tony Naylor

KASPER BJØRKE         Copenhagen, Denmark. 2018.